is an Iranian performative art creator. She has received her bachelor and master degree in Theatre directing from Tehran Art university, Iran. She has worked with several Iranian and European theatre companies since 2012. Theatre companies such as Av theatre group in Tehran, Polish Avant-garde theatre company OPT Gardzience and Artus creative studio in Budapest. Her recent artwork was a performance based on Ritual and Iranian funeral ceremonies which had been performed in Artus studio on May 2019. Beside her Art practice, she is researching and studying on found environment and pre existing natural spaces for per formative arts.

Zahra Fuladvand





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Bernadett Jobbágy is a Hungarian choreographer, performer, movement group leader, and filmmaker. She cooperated with Zahra Fuladvand in her latest artworks exhibited in the Host and Hostility online Exhibition.


The two independent artists know each other since 2017. They already worked together on projects initiated by Zahra Fuladvand, such as the “Mirror” project [exhibited in Parallel Hungary Exhibition at Hungarian University of Fine art on January 2020], The post documentary production of “Darkness before Birth and after death” project [exhibited in Un-Seen, Un-Spoken, Un-Heard exhibition at Artus studio] and they created the video entitled “14 days” [which is already published on Host and Hostility website] “14 days” Is cooperation between two artists to represent the feeling and experience of quarantine time for two weeks in an individual room at the hospital.