Many times, I was panicked when I did not receive a reply message, felt stressed when I read conflicting news, be annoyed by the interrupted advertisements on YouTube, be urged to share the personal emotion of a bad day on Facebook, got angry by an offensive comment, felt scared when constantly receiving messages notify that my account was used to purchase for something that I didn't know about, etc. Those are probably the fairly common psychological pressures that many of us have encountered. But we all get used to those situations. We live together with those bad emotions every day. Nevertheless, truly, that is the terrifying normalization of a digital age.

In this time and age - during the 19 COVID pandemic - when we were witnessing our life somehow extremely depends on the cyber world - a horrible reality is emerging - how we are normalizing with abuse and oppression every day in the online environment.

We once thought that the internet was a global village, where every citizen in the world was all welcome, which was considered an equal playing field for all nations, ethnic groups, etc. However, under the surface of fairness, the cyberspace has been completely controlled and exclusively manipulated by various political and economic forces. Users are being exploited and suppressed every day. Looking at a smaller scale, if you we are an owner of an internet-connected electronic device, the cyber world will become an extremely generous host who willing to share with us all sorts of turning information and entertainment services, but as a matter of fact, behind those polite gestures are hundreds of hidden hostile tactics and shady acts that we did not know or did not care about.



facebook host and hostility

A man suffers from water torture - the technique using water to inflict physical or psychological harm on a victim as a form of torture or execution.