is a painter and visual artist born in 1982, Budapest Hungary. She has learned art history at the ELTE University of Sciences and painting and intermedia at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts at the same time. She graduated in painting in 2008. Since then she had more than 10 solo shows and participated in many group exhibitions mostly in Hungary, Austria and Italy. She has won awards and scholarships for young artists including Derkovits Scholarship and Strabag Artaward International. Currently she is a doctoral student of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Czene is concerned with the ways of telling a story in pictures, of implying background information without telling it, or on the other hand, grasping and visualizing a process we all know, yet we cannot comprehend. Her works are the results of a kind of introspection and search for identity, which she presents by recalling her personal stories and roles. Besides paintings she has some photo and video works closely connected to this subject. Her paintings consist of fragments of her memories, real and imaginary stories. She takes much inspiration from film montage, Kuleshov’s and Eisenstein’s theories. Her paintings are on the verge of interpretability, creating the effect of a story waiting to be deciphered, but never depicting a sequence of events to follow.

Márta Czene





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