The purpose of this exhibition is to talk about the accessibility of worlds and spaces through videos, performances, documentaries, installations, paintings and photographs. 

We want to approach these concepts from our own experiences and the different conversations we had each week at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. As we are a very international group of students we find this very enriching as we have been learning a lot from each other, therefore we want to share with a wide audience the reflections and conversations we had during our workshop meetings at the University.

More specifically we have concerns related to the illusion of connectivity in physical and cyber spaces. Personal identification with physical spaces and reflecting our personal identities in border or borderless spaces. Migration in changing circumstances.

Physical and non physical boundaries. The question of power that regulates access to certain identities. 

It raises for us some questions: What can move freely? What are the real boundaries? How can we create access to spaces?

facebook host and hostility